Smart City Expo

Smart City Expo


Building Digital Cities on the Edge

Modern cities worldwide are undergoing radical changes to foster a clean, sustainable and secure environment, install smart infrastructure, deliver intelligent services to residents, and facilitate access for vulnerable groups. Today, the evolution of leading-edge technologies opens up a wide range of possibilities in urban management and the adoption of new technologies is at the heart of implementing many initiatives to address critical concerns in cities. How can these technologies be leveraged to improve our urban environments? What is hampering their full deployment?


Eric Hornsby
CEO, SmartPoint.IO

Brandon Branham
CIO, City of Peachtree Corners

Mark Wheeler
CIO, City of Philadelphia


At first glance, the digital signage kiosk appears to offer interactive mapping for visitors, assisting them in discovering nearby attractions and navigating their way. However, beneath its surface lies much more – a high-performance multi-access edge compute (MEC) node. This node consolidates and processes data from nearby IP cameras and IoT devices, enabling the detection of anomalies and the delivery of actionable insights.

In collaboration with the City of Peachtree Corners and the Curiosity Lab, the SmartPoint.IO team showcased how they’re helping the city transition from the practice of deploying individual solutions to establishing a sustainable infrastructure platform. This platform can serve as a foundation for future development and expansion.

During his participation in the speaking panel, SmartPoint.IO CEO Eric Hornsby emphasized the importance of cities taking control of their digital future. He highlighted the significance of establishing partnerships between technology companies and cities, with clearly defined success metrics, to achieve tangible progress. Rather than simply selling a product and moving on, true advancement is accomplished through ongoing collaboration and mutual growth.