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Places for People to Live, Work, and Play.

Shaping Smarter Places for People to Live, Work, and Play.

SmartPoint.IO revolutionizes venues and spaces with converged technology solutions, enhancing their appeal and interactivity.

SmartPoint.IO revolutionizes venues and spaces with converged technology solutions, enhancing their appeal and interactivity.

Our expertise empowers visionary leaders to create immersive and future-proof environments through innovative converged technology solutions – all at no cost to the venue.

Communications & Interactivity

Engage your audience like never before with SmartPoint.IO’s comprehensive suite of communication and interactive tools. Our offerings include digital signage, touchscreen wayfinding kiosks, projection displays, and augmented & mixed-reality experiences.

Network & Connectivity

At SmartPoint.IO, we provide robust network and connectivity solutions to ensure seamless high-speed communication within venues. Our services encompass switching, routing, firewall, and wireless access points, catering to both public and private networks.

IoT & Edge Computing

Embrace the power of IoT and edge computing with SmartPoint.IO’s smart and connected devices. We offer and connect to an array of smart technologies, such as cameras, sensors, and lighting, all seamlessly integrated and secured through discreet edge computing servers.

Unleashing the Power of Digital Transformation

By seamlessly integrating devices and data at the edge, we unlock untapped value in both digital and physical realms.

  • Enhanced Guest Experience – Immerse visitors in a dynamic and contemporary atmosphere where they encounter captivating visuals, interactive wayfinding, and immersive mixed-reality elements, fostering a heightened sense of vitality and modernity.
  • Advanced Venue Analytics – Gain deeper insights into visitor behavior, traffic patterns, amenities utilization, and other IoT/sensor-driven metrics to optimize operational efficiency and make data-driven decisions.
  • Future-Proof Digital Strategy – Embrace a forward-thinking approach to venue experiences, enriching them with adaptable digital technologies designed to seamlessly evolve alongside ever-changing needs.

Access Cutting-Edge Technology without Straining Your Budget

Zero CapEx for Asset Origination

(We Build It)

Digital transformation often comes with a hefty price tag, but not with us. Our mission is to provide our site partners with a Zero CapEx solution that covers every aspect of project development, starting from concept ideation to installation and commissioning. This seamless process ensures a hassle-free start for you.

Maximize Revenue Potential

(We Monetize It)

Every asset and technology solution we deploy is designed with revenue generation in mind. As our technology network seamlessly comes together, we unlock a multitude of applications and opportunities for users to leverage the network and achieve their desired outcomes.

Project Operation

(We Manage It)

We prioritize staying at the forefront of technology as it permeates throughout your venue. With our turnkey approach and funded operations, management, support, and upgrades are taken care of, ensuring that each asset performs optimally and generates revenue consistently.

Value Distribution

(We Share It)

From day one, our venue partners reap the benefits of our technology solutions, including extended audience reach, insightful visitor analytics, enhanced security capabilities, and convenient venue amenities. We ensure that the technology remains self-sustaining, consistently providing value to both the venue and its visitors.

Wherever you are, so are we.

SmartPoint.IO is your partner in creating meaningful experiences wherever individuals spend their active hours. From bustling centers of commerce to prestigious institutions of higher learning, we specialize in architecting cutting-edge technology solutions that unlock unparalleled value by harnessing the power of everyday interactions between people, things, and the environments they occupy.

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What our partners are saying

SmartPoint.IO technology is used across 150+ markets around the globe. As an innovation partner of the Curiosity Lab at Peachtree Corners, a global smart city living lab, we are a conduit for our project partners to stay future forward – leveraging technology that addresses the needs of today and anticipates the needs of tomorrow.

“A smart way to scale edge infrastructure. SmartPoint.IO provides a commercial bridge to civic benefit – it’s good for business and people.”

Brandon Branham

CIO, City of Peachtree Corners

“SmartPoint.IO is a true partner with a simple methodology for digitally transforming brick and mortar spaces into intelligent technology platforms with limitless potential.”

Karl Connolly

Digital Transformation Lead, Ingram Micro

“SmartPoint.IO helps cities bring IoT technology to existing infrastructure in ways that actually solve for real community needs.”

Aarti Tandon

CEO, Smart City Expo USA

Let’s make places better together.