Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Congress


Discover the Future of Connectivity

MWC Barcelona is the largest and most influential event for the connectivity ecosystem. Whether you’re a global mobile operator, device manufacturer, technology provider, vendor, content owner, or are simply interested in the future of tech, you need to be here.

Why? Because it’s the one time of year where everyone who’s anyone comes together under one roof. Tens of thousands of senior executives from the top global companies, international governments and trailblazing tech businesses converge at MWC Barcelona to make decisions.

  • Thought leaders become change-makers
  • New ideas turn into business deals
  • And networking means remarkable connections

It’s the place to find out where the industry, your business and your career are headed. Miss out on MWC Barcelona, miss out on the next 12 months.


At MWC, the focus was on showcasing connectivity solutions. One of the highlights was the SmartPoint.IO interactive edge computing hub, which demonstrated the utilization of high-speed wireless networks. It was equipped with a powerful multi-access edge compute (MEC) node and an IP camera that ran Camera Vision applications powered by NVIDIA GPUs. These applications included audience measurement, access control, and sentiment analysis.

Moreover, the interactive hub offered Augmented Reality experiences to mobile phone users. By scanning an AR code, users could access gamified and interactive advertisements, made possible through our partnership with AR platform partner, EyeKandy. These applications were hosted locally on the edge server and served over a private wireless network. This ensured faster delivery compared to cloud-based solutions, allowing users to enjoy highly detailed experiences at blazing fast speeds.