Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix

Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix


Engaging and Measuring Raceday Audiences

The Formula 1 Grand Prix race held at Hard Rock Stadium this year was a remarkable achievement in event production and infrastructure. Over 270,000 attendees, including notable personalities like Tom Cruise, LL Cool J, and Elon Musk, gathered at the newly revamped stadium. While motorsport enthusiasts described the race as somewhat predictable, the overall atmosphere and excitement were thoroughly enjoyed by the attendees.

During the event, SmartPoint.IO partnered with a sponsor to install an interactive edge computing hub at the raceway. The purpose was to showcase the device’s capability to engage with and measure the audience, providing valuable insights into audience reach within the context of a large-scale event.


The SmartPoint.IO edge computing hub provides a multi-tenant environment capable of hosting various applications that can be deployed and activated on-demand. In our demonstration, the interactive hub utilized Camera Vision AI to detect and measure pedestrian audiences’ responses to the large format LCD screen. VIVA, a South American Telecommunications brand and Formula 1 sponsor, showcased their digital service portfolio for mobile subscribers. Each physical interaction with the display was recorded to gather detailed engagement analytics with the branded content.

Additionally, a discreet camera embedded behind the screen ran a Camera Vision AI application separately to generate anonymous audience analytics. The real-time video feeds were captured and processed locally on the edge compute device housed within the digital hub. Once the metrics were collected, the video feeds were automatically deleted. The analysis focused solely on content engagement and audience measurement, with no personal identifiable information involved. This real-time video processing yielded valuable data about the audience who had the opportunity to view and engage with the displayed content.

After nearly a week of analyzing the event audience that passed by our edge computing hub, we discovered several interesting insights:

  • A total of 127,000 individuals were counted as passing by.
  • Males constituted 66% of the audience, and 80% fell within the age range of 25 to 54.
  • On average, each passerby had the screen in view for 21 seconds.
  • 93% of people displayed neutral or happy facial expressions.
  • 9.5% actively watched the screen for more than 4 seconds.