Grounding Web3 in Real World Use Cases

ETHDenver is a Community-Owned Innovation Festival.
With the genesis of SporkDAO in June of 2021, ETHDenver became the first event DAO in the world. All event proceeds are used to #BUIDL value for our community and to realize the decentralized future.

2023 is #TheYearOfTheSpork! The SPORK is the go-to tool that the Bufficorn family uses in their everyday lives. They are versatile tools used for digging, eating, defending, playing, and especially #BUIDLing — their favorite pastime.


The SmartPoint.IO digital kiosk plays a foundational role in our efforts to build a Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network (DePIN) for edge computing. During this year’s ETHDenver event, SmartPoint.IO participated in a breakout event hosted by IoTeX called R3al World, which aimed to showcase IoT use cases that leverage the scaling and decentralized advantages of Web3.

In our demo, the interactive kiosk utilized Camera Vision AI to detect users’ presence and prompted them to smile at the screen. As users’ smiles filled the “Grin-O-Meter,” they were rewarded with a QR code that allowed them to receive an event-exclusive NFT directly into their Web3 wallet. This demo may seem simple, but it required the integration of several technologies, including presence detection, emotional sentiment analysis, attention analysis, and NFT issuance on the IoTeX blockchain.

Reflecting on the event, SmartPoint.IO CEO Eric Hornsby perfectly summarized the experience, stating, “Listening to leaders in Web3 and IoT, with a specific focus on the emerging DePIN market space, made this event truly unique, and we were fortunate and happy to contribute to it.”