Building Blocks of Edge Networks

SmartPoint.IO, the Alpharetta, GA-based mobile Edge-Computing and Internet of Thing (IoT) kiosk hub innovator, announces a formal partnership with Zeblok Computational, a leader in AI middleware, whose Ai-MicroCloud™ curates and delivers Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based digital assets into an App Store for public and private venues nationwide, enabling large scale automated deployment of Edge inferences anywhere.

Why We Need Edge Computing

“The Internet of Things presents tremendous opportunities for public and private venues to realize efficiencies and enhancements across their existing and future service offerings. However, for citizens, visitors, employees, and commercial tenants to fully realize these outcomes, foundationally new infrastructure is needed at the edge of the network.  Mobile Edge Computing, enabled by Multi-Access Edge Computing infrastructure (MECs), is a critical layer of the digital infrastructure that will carry our cities and communities into the future,” says Eric Hornsby, CEO at SmartPoint.IO. “We’re closer than we’ve ever been to a state where Edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications and Machine Learning (ML) afford real-time pragmatic Sensor Fusion based decision making to take place at scale in the physical world. Vast improvements in venue safety, traffic congestion, and economic development planning are realized when the growing thousands of IoT based sensors can share data values in real-time, without typical limitations in latency and data transport.” While these technologies are approaching market-readiness, our public environments are seeking solutions to address the capacity requirements to support latency intolerant and data intensive applications while also maintaining an aesthetic and economic balance. Edge compute infrastructure creates a digital foundation where these latency intolerant applications can function with the responsiveness they require.

How We Build Edge Networks

SmartPoint.IO deploys what look like giant smartphones on city sidewalks. With their bright displays, touchscreen interface, and location-based apps, they are intuitively welcoming for the public to use. Among the many functions of the SmartPoint.IO kiosk hubs, wayfinding, emergency alerts, community news and transit information are just a few features that add operational value to venues. These services are subsidized by brands that leverage a portion of the screen time for Out of Home advertising purposes, creating a commercial bridge for a vibrant revenue source to directly contribute to operational value within the installed environment.

But what lies behind the screen is the real magic of the SmarPoint.IO kiosk hub – each endpoint contains enterprise-grade edge compute servers with high-speed connectivity to enable software applications to run at the physical edge of the network. A multitude of patents make converging all this capability into a single point of presence possible, even as the kiosks are exposed to all the harshness of the city streets. Nearly limitless value is created when this edge infrastructure is easily accessible by the applications that require proximity. Zeblok helps make this happen.

Orchestrating Resources at the Edge

Delivering an AI solution from Core to Edge requires an ecosystem of multiple technologies and vendors. Zeblok’s Ai-MicroCloud™ is uniquely comprehensive cloud-native AI middleware for development, testing, training, optimization and deployment of an AI/ML model as Ai-API™ from Core to Edge. Zeblok’s Ai-MicroCloud™ is portable and can be securely deployed to on-premises data centers, public clouds, and MECs at the Edge.

“With 1 trillion Edge devices coming on by 2035 there is a need for orchestration of millions of heterogeneous MECs. Our vision of delivering AI/ML digital assets as AI-API uniquely organizes these assets into a digital AI-AppStore. We have been building AI App Stores with select hardware SKUs and AI algorithms by certifying them for technical and operational compatibility. The SmartPoint.IO kiosk hubs are an ideal means to take our combined solution to cities and venues in the coming months. The Ai-MicroCloud™ enables SmartPoint.IO kiosk hubs to become cloud data centers at the Edge, generating innovative new business models together we lead digital transformation 3.0,” shares Mouli Narayanan, CEO of Zeblok Computational.

Where We’re Headed

Independent research reports that the global edge computing industry is set to grow to more than $43 Billion over the next 5 years. “We’ve built a business that leverages existing revenue streams to support the development of next-generation edge-networks, which enable the future of edge applications and will become a significant growth driver toward the common objective of solving the digital divide,” explains Steve Hyser, President at SmartPoint.IO. “Collectively, we’ve only just scratched the surface of the technological advancements to come in edge computing, and with great partners like Zeblok, we’re deploying the foundational building blocks that make it all possible.”